Due to the rehabilitation / extension works of the existing passenger terminal, works aimed at improving the quality of services offered to passengers, starting with September 6, 2023, the way of processing passengers of commercial flights at Mihail Kogalniceanu Constanta International Airport will undergo the following changes:

  • Given that a large number of car parking spaces is affected by the ongoing works, the parking of attendants' cars will be done taking into account the existence of a limited number of parking spaces and under the strict guidance of airport security staff. We ask that the actual parking of cars to be as short as possible. It is forbidden to leave cars in parking areas or in any other area of the airport premises.

  • The pedestrian access of passengers for departure will be made through the checkpoint (barrier), located on the left (North) side of the airport entrance, based on the boarding pass. Access is allowed only to passengers, exceptions to this rule are parents / guardian / legal representative(s) of minors who will travel unaccompanied, as well as companions of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.

     To avoid additional discomfort, please follow the instructions of the airport staff. We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

                                                     Thank you for your understanding!